Mix it !!!

Travel is about so much more than a change in geography. It is possible (and quite frankly downright necessary) to visit the outer limits of our daily comfort zones occasionally.

If you have a favourite cocktail or always dreamt of being the kind of cool dude who can mix up a mojito in minutes… you can now blow all expectations right out of the water with a ‘do it yourself’ Molecular Mixology Kit.

Buy it direct from Montreal- based Molecule-R, choose from one of 30 recipes (full DVD directions included) and stand back as your guests’ jaws hit the floor!

Lime foam in your Tequila shot…. DONE

Layered Martini…. DONE

Bubble of Mojito…. DONE

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One Response to Mix it !!!

  1. B says:

    Wow…those look incredible.

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