Venus in Transit

Sit up and take note people … unless you have already made your deal with a Devil of some description you will not live to see this again!!!

On June 5 and 6, 2012 Venus will transit the sun as it overtakes Earth – on most overtake cycles Venus will pass above or below the Sun – the next transit pair will occur in 2117 and 2125. Basically there are two transits eight years apart every 243 years.

It takes six hours for the planet to travel from one side of the Sun (ingress) to the other (egress).

What you see will greatly depend on where you are so you need to check your location for optimal Transit of Venus spotting potential

Then you can watch it happen through special eclipse shades or binoculars / telescope with special solar filters OR you can project the Sun with your own Sun Funnel

The Transit of Venus also has a number of special phenomena that goes with the occasion! They happen at the start and end of the transit – the first is the aureole which was first observed in 1761 and is a thin arc of light around the part that is still off the Sun. Then there is also the black drop that arises from blurring by the earth’s atmosphere and is evident in a greyish hue lasting a couple of seconds between the limbs of the Sun and Venus when the planet touches the inside of the solar limb.


There is great excitement about this event and a number of international projects to join if you are passionate about the heavens!

Happy sky-gazing!!!

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