A Fond Farewell from Rudy Boribon as General Manager of Tongabezi

By March 8, 2021Our Stories

Tongabezi would like to invite our family and friends from around the world to say a fond and happy farewell to our gentle leader Rudy Boribon as General Manager.

Rudy will certainly not be disappearing completely. He will remain as a Director of Tongabezi in order to ensure that his 15-years of experience steering our safari ship is passed on to the rest of our team. However, he and his beautiful wife Magdalen have decided to take some time to focus on their health and to spend more time together. We hope that he finds space now to not only recover his usual boundless energy levels, but also grow his incredible garden and improve his already flawless (and entirely original) bread recipes.

Rudy had this to say to his team during his announcement:

‘I would like to THANK YOU FROM DEEP DOWN IN MY HEART for the warm welcome this community has given me. You have taught me many things that have helped me to become a better person. Respect, knowledge, wisdom, experience… it is all to be shared and passed on from one generation to the next. 

Thank you for allowing me to reach my dreams to get Tongabezi in the Top 20 in the World! It is not a small or easy achievement (like a football team, it may take many manymany years to get the hands on a cup, and one can keep trying with no luck, one example being Paris St Germain (PSG) football club with lots of money still trying to win the Champions League!). We have achieved this goal together, with hard work and determination. Well done and thank you again for the support and trust.’

As usual, Rudy has impeccable timing. He has guided Tongabezi through almost a year of Covid-19 chaos, has been a vital support and cheerleader for our Team and for our new umbrella Green Safaris family. And now he is handing over the reins just before the world of travel returns to Zambia (we have our fingers crossed about this) so that our new General Manager Jacqueline Collett-Stevens, or JC as you probably know her, has time to settle in and find her feet in these big new shoes.

JC has been with Tongabezi for HOW MANY YEARS, and has shown a level of enthusiasm and organization that makes us confident she will take Tongabezi to new heights. Many of you may know JC from her cheerful email updates about how guests are doing, from the day of their arrival to the moment of their departure. Others may recognise her from her smiling face as she sweeps around Tongabezi in long chitenge dresses and handles every issue that comes up. She has a passion for our home and community as well, and is in fact the first Manager we have had who decided to sponsor a Tongabezi Trust School student within her first days of arriving in Zambia!

JC would like to say this to the Tongabezi Team and Tongabezi Family from around the world:

It is and has always been such a privilege to work in these beautiful surroundings together with a warm team to support me. I thank you all for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to keeping the legacy alive.’ 

Natasha Parker will also be stepping into new shoes, firstly as a Marketing Manager for Green Safaris along with Lauren Watson, but also as a new Director of Tongabezi. Her goal is to support JC and the Tongabezi Team in taking Tongabezi, Sindabezi and Livingstone Island to new heights, whilst also safeguarding the irreplaceable soul and spirit that Ben Parker and William Ruck Keene created.