Our RECEPTION MANAGER grew up in a women’s world.

Raised by her Mum (her parents divorced when she was a small baby) she was very close to her older sister and fondly remembers her childhood. Aggie, as she is known in the Tonga family is super efficient, always perfectly turned out and ready to ensure everything around her runs smoothly.

10 Wacky Aggie facts:

  1. You will NEVER believe us when you see her but eternally youthful Aggie is now a Granny! A little rascal, Daniel cheekily calls Aggie by her first ‘Mwaka’ but knows how to sweeten it by saying ‘I love you’ all the time!
  2. She loved meeting her father for the first time when she was four.
  3. Aggie still remembers being asked to touch her opposite ear with a hand over her head to prove she was ready for school and having very heavyweight priorities as a child – playing was rated as VERY IMPORTANT, eating was firmly relegated to AFTERTHOUGHT!
  4. Sister Franca’s Science class was her favourite and
  5. … she dreamed of being a doctor when she grew up.
  6. She met her husband through work in the travel industry and they have the perfect pigeon pair – one boy and one girl.
  7. Her heroine is Oprah Winfrey.
  8. She strongly dislikes people who take advantage.
  9. Getting to know new people is something Aggie just LOVES.
  10. Dealing with difficult guests can be the least enjoyable part of a day.