A Tongabezi GUIDE,

Brian is in command of the boat, expertly navigating the Zambezi between Tongabezi and Sindabezi Island. Whether the Zambezi River is high or low Brian is all about flexibility! He makes it his business to always keep smiling. Being an ambassador for his country gets him out of bed every day and from there on out his family (Brian has two boys) and his guests are his daily motivation.

A very grounded fellow, Brian is not interested in playing ‘what if’ games. Safety first. He doesn’t want to pick something to save from a hypothetical burning house – he is far too worried about making sure there is no fire in the first place.

And with Brian on duty we know the fire is definitely going to come second.

His heroes are the people he guides, he loves the fact that his job allows him to meet brand new people almost every day and his outgoing nature makes him the perfect fit for his job description. ‘I’m a people’s person’ he says ‘The people I meet every day touch my heart and makes me smile. I love seeing their lives change in front of me because of their experience in Zambia”