Gibby Mweetwa

By November 28, 2017This is Us

This CARPENTER knows all Tongabezi’s secrets!

Having worked at Tonga for 15 years Gibby has been here since our guests stayed in tents! Yup, we just broke the first rule of writing and used two exclamation points in two sentences. Gibby simply inspires that kind of enthusiasm…

He still loves working at Tongabezi – his favourite thing about the management is that they tell him quickly and openly when they have a problem or a worker has made a mistake (this is a leitmotif with staff comments) and this means that when HE has a problem he can reciprocate easily and freely and in his experience he gets the assistance he needs.

Gibby has three boys in Tujatane- he still wishes he had one girl. When Gibby started at Tonga in he only knew how to use manual tools but he has since learnt how to use electric tools and even repair them.

His number one hero is Mr Piri who was the first maintenance manager at Tongabezi!