Jacqueline Collett Stevens

By May 30, 2018This is Us

The Tongabezi MANAGER

JC is a musician, of sorts. She can play the guitar, but so far has laughingly refused to serenade us around the Tongabezi campfire. (When you visit, be sure to convince her won’t you?)

Apart from guitar, however, JC is a musician because she appreciates the tempo and melody of everyday life. Like any composer, JC knows that often slow is better, and applies this to her travels. ‘Never rush the travel experience,’ she says, ‘rather pick fewer places, fewer accommodations even, less of everything, than feel like you need to rush. Often it’s only by the third day that you find the jackpot ‘this is where we should be going’ gems and then you often find yourself going for local, true, authentic experiences.’

After growing up in a small town in South Africa, JC’s first overseas trip was in her twenties. She threw herself into travel, heading straight to New Orleans to live at sea on a luxury cruise ship for three and a half years. Since then, she has travelled around the States, the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada, Europe and South America, but she still prefers to find herself in developing countries and specifically in Africa. ‘I desperately wanted to see the world then, and I still have that bug now.’

Today, JC can be found floating around Tongabezi in an array of gorgeous dresses, snacking on anything that ‘doesn’t have paws, claws, or scales’ since she has been vegetarian for the last 17 years. She rescued three kittens, has inherited an older, wiser cat, and is also sponsoring an older girl at Tujatane School.

JC is a huge supporter of the school and loves working in a place where tourism benefits an entire community, most specifically the children from the local villages.