Joseph Musobani

By November 28, 2017This is Us

Why is the MAINTENANCE guy serving me tea?

Because Mr Musobani impressed Julius in instruction and can turn his hand at pretty much anything and needed a job. BUT young Joseph has dreams.

Having completed his education he wants to work in catering and his passion lies in the kitchen.

He lives with his elder brother at the moment and doesn’t get the opportunity to cook at home very often. In African culture the men are sent (by the women!) to fetch the firewood and the water and the women sweep the home and cook. So Joseph is all for equality and hopes to have a marriage and raise his children to be equal one day.

For him, knowing about recipes and ingredients and presentation is the ultimate goal. He loves it so much that he swings by the kitchen to bring tea to his interview…

Joseph doesn’t mind discussing politics (he thinks all presidents must have ‘Brainboxes’ and is of the opinion that a certain current Western president may not be in possession of one) but he really lights up talking about soccer and would love to meet Arsène Wenger and Thierry Henry and cook for them.