Tongabezi is Getting Married

By February 11, 2020Our Stories
Victoria falls couple kissing

Tongabezi is one of the most romantic destinations in the world (don’t take it from me, Condé Nast Traveller, The New York Times all the way back in the early 1990’s, and Africa Geographic said it first) and yet we have never had a real romance of our own…until now!

You can’t really blame us for being swept off our feet. Green Safaris is an eco-hunk (not really a word, but think ‘a company that cares about the environment and looks good while doing it’… basically the corporate version of a gorgeous man who adopts abandoned puppies and recycles?).

And so, although we have always prided ourselves in our quirky (read eccentric) personality and our ‘strong independent lodge’ vibe, we are actually pretty excited to announce our engagement.

So here it is: We are officially a part of the Green Safaris family

The Green Safaris Family has been only welcoming so far, even our soon to be mother-in-law Ila Safari Lodge hasn’t had anything sassy to say about our cooking yet (not surprising really since our head chef Zuwi has been with us since we opened and is pretty much flawless).

The wonderful thing about this partnership is that – like any truly successful marriage – we will in no way be losing any part of what makes Tongabezi so special.

In fact, the reason that Green Safaris proposed in the first place – on our floating sampan as the Tongabezi choir floated past, of course – is that they have the utmost respect for the Tongabezi Team. They are in awe of everything that we have achieved in the last 29 years (we’re almost 30!) and they want to be a part of our story.

And the reason that we said yes? Well, we want to be a part of their story too!

We fell in love with their passion for Africa, their dedication not only to the communities that they are a part of but also to the environments they are surrounded by, and their belief that Safari experiences ought to create a positive difference in the world.

So watch this space for more updates on our upcoming nuptials. You might even get an invite… 😉

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