Wilson Musonda

By November 28, 2017This is Us


applied to Tongabezi to move up from underwriting and into accounts as he had always had an interest in understanding figures and studied accounting. He was inspired to pursue this career by his mother who was always involved in business.

Wilson started as an accountant with Tongabezi and has been at the company for 11 years. During his time here he has checked the numbers at other companies and decided that Tongabezi is still definitely the best bet.

The human face of Tongabezi never ceases to inspire Wilson. Even though he appreciates how well it operates as a business it is also the company that looks after its staff the best.

He is proud of the fact that he has over $100,000 of interest free staff loans for the controlled and express purpose of owned housing on his books.

Wilson has three boys and he is an avid soccer lover. On his door he has a Barcelona poster. It is a team he has supported since he was a little boy