HIV Awareness

Zambia's first reported AIDS diagnosis in 1984 was followed by a rapid rise in the proportion of people living with HIV. Although Zambia has received hundreds of millions of dollars for HIV programs from donor governments, prevalence rates are not dropping and have remained more or less stable since the nineties.

Zambia has a life expectancy of 39 years and the majority of the 1.1. Million orphans in the country suffer their status as a result of HIV/AIDS.

Tongabezi Lodge staff has joined the Aids Council of Zambia and Share (An American funded Public Private Partnership) in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

Agness belongs to the committee that oversees HIV/AIDS related programs in the accommodation sector of the Tourism Industry of Livingstone.

Ken and David from the Tonga team are now peer educators. Whilst our program includes various group activities, a one on one meeting with individuals have proven to be most effective.

The project has succeeded in breaking the silence and enabling more staff to go for Voluntary Counselling and Testing and if need be Anti-Retroviral Treatment. The success of our program is especially evident in the fact that HIV/AIDS is becoming something everyone feels comfortable discussing around the lunch table.

Nyambe and Chreshilda have been trained to deal with the community where most of our staff members live making it possible for our program to reach every extended family. Our program is also active in the HIV/AIDS activities at a district level.

A generous sum of money has been allocated to the Staff Welfare Committee for use by any staff member with dwindling health. Staff members have access to funds through the Staff Welfare Committee to deal with emergencies and limit vulnerability.

Anonymity is actively preserved and each individual controls their own information exclusively.