Private Bookings

At Tongabezi, you have the option of booking the Dog House, Tangala House or Sindabezi island exclusively offering you a private experience.

Dog House is suited to a small group of up to four travelers. Tangala House works well for slightly larger groups of up to eight guests. Finally Sindabezi Island is perfect for up to 10 people

Dog House

This house is located on the far end of Tongabezi making it quite exclusive and quiet. With its own private lounge and dining area, the Dog House is perfectly suited for private bookings of a maximum of 5 people. The two bedrooms are located on either side of the main area each with its own bathroom giving you complete privacy. When the house has been booked for a minimum of 4 people, you will receive your own guide, boat and vehicle allowing you private activities during your stay. Meals can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own dining room.

Sleeps 5

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Tangala House

A perfect escape for a family looking for a 'home away from home' retreat. The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and its own lounge, dining area and garden with pool. The house comes with its own staff, making meal times and activities flexible to your usual routines of the family. As the house is located upstream from Tongabezi lodge itself, no other guests will be seen on the grounds giving you the feeling of your own piece of paradise on the Zambezi river.

Sleeps 8

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Sindabezi Island

With only 5 Chalets on the island, accommodating a maximum of 10 guests, the island is the perfect escape for a small group or family. The entire island can be booked exclusively on a minimum of 4 guests. We don't usually accept children under 14 yrs on the island but this is flexible when the island is booked in its entirety. By booking the island, you will of course receive the services of the chef, staff and guides to yourselves giving you complete flexibility with meals times and activities.

Sleeps 10

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Activities suited for groups

Most of our activities offered can accommodate a number of people, however there are some activities which would be more limited with numbers: