Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I stay at Tongabezi and Sindabezi?

93% of our guest questionnaires recommend a minimum 3 night stay. We would like to tell you this is purely due to our ridiculously gorgeous interiors and fabulously prepared organic culinary feasts but there is more to this fact than meets the eye (or satisfies the tummy!) Tongabezi has a large menu of inclusive activities, add this to the fact that Victoria Falls is one of the world's leading adventure activity hubs and you find a very large number of dream excursions and only so many hours in a day. A 3 night stay will easily allow for 6 adventures. Explore Livingstone Island, take a Chobe day trip and you have only one night left to indulge your inner Robinson Crusoe on romantic Sindabezi Island.

How much luggage can I bring?

Your luggage allowance will most likely be determined by the smallest carrier on your route. Please be aware that many charter flights (small planes) will only allow 12 kg per person. Luggage allowance on International flights (from Johannesburg for instance) will be anything between 20 and 30 kg on Economy tickets.

What are the temperatures like?

The highs fluctuate between 25°C and 35°C throughout the year and the lows between 2°C and 5°C.
During summer: The months from August - April are warm (high 20°C's) with temperatures reaching their upper limit for the area during October (around 35°C).
The rainy season: Victoria Falls is prone to short, spectacular thunderstorms (usually late in the afternoon) and our rainy season generally starts towards the end of November/December and continues until around mid - March, but this does vary from year to year. Temperatures are still warm.
An African winter: May - July and into August. Winter is typically cool at night and in the mornings although you can expect it to be lovely and warm during the day. In winter months it is advised that you do bring warm clothes especially for the mornings and evenings.

How does the electricity supply work and what kind of plugs are there?

220 V supply with square 3 pin and 2 pin plugs.

What can I bring for the school?

Tujatane has a wish list online which you can find at: alternatively contact either Vanessa at or Emma at for further information.

Is there internet connection?

WiFi is available in the Hangout lounge of the lodge.

Can I book private dinners?

Absolutely! ALL meals can be booked exclusively. Tongabezi has a number of decks as well as The Lookout and the Sampan and guests can also choose to enjoy meals in the privacy of their rooms.

Should I be taking a malaria preventative?

This is a Malaria area and Tongabezi takes every precaution to ensure guests are not bitten by mosquitoes. We employ regularly maintained, amply sized and custom made mosquito nets, fans and supply repellent. Our guests are advised to cover their arms and legs as much as possible and certainly early in the mornings and late in the afternoons.

Please consult your health care professional regarding prophylactics for malaria at least 6 weeks before your trip or as early as possible.

Is there any other medical treatment I need before coming to Zambia?

It is advisable to ensure that your Tetanus vaccination is up to date.

What should we pack?

Can we bring our children?

Tongabezi Houses & Cottages: We are happy to take children of seven and over. Children under 14 pay 50% unless they are in their own room. Roll away beds and extra mosquito nets are available for children sharing with parents.

Tongabezi Garden House: Specially designed specifically for families or slightly larger groups travelling together the Garden House has a private enclosed garden, an exclusive plunge pool and two en suite double bedrooms. Children under 14 pay 25% accompanying adults in the Garden House.

Tongabezi Dog House: This house was created to allow families and small groups to travel together. On the edge of the Zambezi the two separate en-suite bedrooms and central living area with private plunge pool are all elevated on stilts and connect only by raised wooden walkway. Up to two children under 14 accompanying adults in the Garden House pay 50%.

Sindabezi: We are happy to take children of 14 and over, charged at adult rates. If the island is taken privately we do welcome children of seven and older. In this case children under 14 pay 50% unless they are in their own room.

Tangala: Children of any age are accepted at Tangala and two of the staff members are experienced nannies. Please note that there is an unfenced swimming pool. We can arrange a safety fence on request for non-swimmers. Children under 14 are charged 50% of the full board rate.

What is included?

Included Activities available on normal rates:

Park fees are charged at US$10 per person per visit (subject to change) and Falls Entrance Fees are US$20 per person per visit (subject to change)

What if we need to cancel?

At Tongabezi we are not keen on billing people for not staying with us. We will therefore never charge 100% cancellation fees! Unfortunately cancellation costs to the lodge are as much a reality as taking out travel insurance will be to our visitors.

When it happens that you have to cancel your booking we would therefore like to advise you of the following policies that are in place:

a) If you are holding a confirmed booking and you then inform us that you will not travel.

b) 60 days or more before arrival we will charge 25% of RACK rate.

c) Between 30 and 60 days before arrival we will charge 50% of RACK rate.

d) We accept that cancellations done 30 days or less before arrival are due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances for our clients.

So for late cancellations we have changed the rules a bit:

The cancellation charge remains 50% of RACK rate and if the guest decides to rebook at any time during the subsequent 12 months (for bookings made in the same season as the original booking) we will only charge 50% of RACK for the new booking!

What about our laundry?

Laundry is complementary and done daily weather permitting.

Can we reconfirm our flights?

You are welcome to ask reception to reconfirm flights from the lodge or reconfirm them by using our internet - please do note that international calls will be billed to your account.

Can I drink the water?

Water in the taps has been filtered but not sterilized, however it is always advisable to drink bottled water. Should you develop any stomach upset, be sure to contact a physician, especially if you are running a fever, in order to rule out malaria or a communicable disease. Bottled water is available in all the rooms, at the bar and on all activities.

What is the local Currency?

The local currency is Zambian Kwacha. The local currency is Zambian Kwacha and is the only currency accepted for services or goods paid for within the country (excepting visas which can be bought with Dollars). Kwacha can be drawn from ATM's at the airport. At Tongabezi we accept all major credit cards for payment of activities and gifts from our shop. There is a charge of 3.5% on credit cards.

For up to date exchange rates:

What is your tipping policy?

Tipping is one of the more personal and sensitive issues for guests but is by no means compulsory and is completely at the guest’s discretion. If, however, you would like to show your appreciation for good service received during your stay here we kindly advise that you contribute to the communal tip box and discourage individual tipping.

You are also welcome to add it to your bill and settle with a credit card (Only Visa and MasterCard with a 2% bank handling fee).

Everyone works towards one common goal here and no job is too big or too small to provide you with a memorable experience.

As an African Proverb says "Brother's love each other when they are equally rich"

Lodge staff: We recommend 20 USD per person per day. This can be left in the communal tipping box at reception and this will be evenly distributed amongst all of our staff.

Finally may we suggest for your convenience that you consider tips at the time of your departure. There is no pressure to tip at the end of each activity/day.

Will we have a private vehicle?

If you require a private vehicle and guide, this can be arranged for you at an extra cost and is subject to availability. Should you decide not to take this option you may be travelling on activities with other guests.

Do I need a Visa?

Visas are required for most passports. Most visas can be purchased at the airport or border - please confirm with your embassy whether it is advisable for you to apply for a visa before departure.

What kind of wildlife can I expect?

The lodge is frequently visited by monkeys. We urge all guests to refrain from feeding any animals around the lodge. From time to time we also have hippos and elephants but your valet will be on hand to ensure a safe return to and from your room. The Mosi-oa-Tunya Park can offer exceptional rhino, buffalo and elephant sightings - should you wish to see cats it is advisable to book a Chobe day trip to increase your chances. The lodge also has over 300 bird species.

What if we get sick?

Many of our staff members are 1st Aid trained. Please ensure your medical insurance is up to date - should serious medical attention be required Speciality Emergency Services will attend to guests.

Which other African properties do you recommend?

We have our favourite camps who we support: